Barham Family Farm Greek-Style Skillet Lasagna
Pastitsio is a Greek lasagna. The baked casserole is typically made with lamb or ground beef and the pasta can be bucatini, penne, spaghetti or lasagna noodles topped with a b├ęchamel. This recipe is adapted from "The Best Simple Recipes" by America's Test Kitchen. We added olive oil, more cinnamon, nutmeg and red wine, as well as a bit more cream. We also think we'll try adding kale, peas or sun-dried tomatoes in the future.
The Farmhouse Beef Chili with Barham Family Farm Ground Beef and Soup Bones
Chili is a must for football season! This hearty version by Chef Vince Paredes, co-owner of The Farmhouse in the River Market, features Barham Family Farm ground beef and beef soup bones, both items available for pickup at The Store on the farm in Kearney.