The Farmhouse Barham Family Farm Daily Grind Smash Burger and Char-Grilled Salsa

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The Farmhouse Barham Family Farm Daily Grind Smash Burger and Char-Grilled Salsa
We love working with chefs like Vince Paredes of The Farmhouse! One of the many Barham Family Farm products they use is our pasture-raised Black Angus ground beef, which they grind in house. The Daily Grind can be customized with various cheeses, ham or bacon or an egg on top. Recently for a TV spot on WDAF, Chef Vince topped our burger with this traditional Mexican recipe for Char-Grilled Salsa -- a technique that brings out the depth of simple and seasonal garden flavors. He uses Crum’s Heirlooms smoked chipotles at the restaurant. You can buy dried chipotles at your local supermarket.
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  • Servings: 2



The Farmhouse Char-Grilled Salsa

Makes 1 1/2 cups

1 fresh jalapeño pepper

¼ onion, cut in wedge

Olive oil

3 ripe tomatoes

2 garlic cloves, skin removed

1 dried smoked chipotle pepper

½ bunch cilantro

Lightly rub fresh jalapeño and onion with olive oil and grill over high heat. Use tongs to turn the pepper until all sides are charred and the onion begins to caramelize. Allow jalapeño and onion to cool slightly, then remove half of the seeds from the jalapeño. Discard and dice pepper and onion. Set aside.

Place a square of aluminum foil on grill grate and lay tomatoes and garlic directly onto the foil to “dry grill” over high heat until tomato begins to blacken on all sides and garlic begin to caramelize. Using tongs, remove tomatoes and garlic from the grill, chop and set aside.

Seed smoked chipotle pepper. Using a sharp knife, roughly chop pepper on a cutting board with cilantro.

Put all ingredients in a blender or a mortar and pestle and combine, adding water if necessary, to reach your desired texture.  



The Farmhouse Daily Grind Smash Burger

2 (4-ounce) Barham Family Farm ground beef patties, or form your own patties from our ground beef by the pound

Salt and pepper, to taste

2 slices sharp cheddar

2 tablespoons garlic aioli or mayonnaise

2 hamburger buns

1 ounce arugula

3 tablespoons Char-Grilled Salsa

Prepare fire in grill and place griddle over flames.

Salt and pepper each patty.

Use a spatula to smash patty ¼-inch thick on the griddle and cook, making sure to caramelize the beef, about 1 ½-2 minutes per side.

Add a slice of cheddar to each patty and allow to melt.

Butter and toast the bun on the grill.

Spread aioli on one side of each bun.

Place arugula on bottom bun, the burger patty on top of the arugula and garnish with Char-Grilled Salsa.

Recipe by: Chef Vince Paredes at The Farmhouse

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