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Welcome to The Store at Barham Family Farm

The Store at Barham Family Farm offers unique products from a number of local suppliers. Our store is located at 16800 NE 128th St. Kearney MO 64060.

Hours of operation:

Thursday and Friday, 10am – 6pm

Saturday, 9am – 3pm

Check the Facebook page to see our lineup of homemade goods and delicious food!

You'll also find local products by Beautiful Day Farm, Little Bill's Pimento Cheese, Hemme Bros. Cheese and Bloom Bakery Co.

And don't forget to bring the kids to our free petting zoo of barnyard animals, including goats and chickens.


Small town AWESOME!! The variety of meat and of course the farm fresh eggs! Perfect!
Beth Jackson
Kenny Barham provides outstanding natural and humane products, and he is super friendly as well. He is a must buy at the Liberty Farmers Market. You can visit his farm in Kearney, or eat at a number of local restaurants. Our favorite is his rotisserie duck at Brookside Poultry Co. of course! Highly recommended.
Justin Dixon
High quality! Family owned! Great people
Jason and Fanta Eplee
We have loved all the meat purchased at the Liberty Farmers Market. I was starting to dread the end of market season until I discovered they have a store. Again, everything is top quality but I have to mention the brauts. I've never had any so lean. Steaks are some of the best we've had.
Patrick Thompson

Featured Recipes

November 16, 2021
Duck Eggs are a special treat, for foodies like us, who have ties to the Eastern part of India, especially Calcutta (now, Kolkata). We grew up with our grandmas making duck egg curries, or Scotch Eggs with soft boiled duck eggs for Brunch. Calcutta has a huge colonial hangover, as it was once the capital of British India. Hence the popularity of Scotch Eggs, in that part of the world. Duck Eggs just pack a bigger flavor punch for foodies. Contrary to popular belief, they are not gamey at all. Penning down a quick Duck Egg Curry recipe, which I shall be making very soon, for a weekend lunch. Duck Egg Curry can be served with both steamed rice, or any kind of flatbread(naan, tortilla, roti, etc), and a side of a green salad, featuring cucumber, tomatoes, red onions.

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November 16, 2021
Tom Mentzer is a wonderful cook! When he stopped by Barham Family Farm recently, we asked if he would share what he did with the flank steak he bought.

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November 15, 2021
Easy pork chop recipe with flavor of red pepper jam.

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