Welcome to Barham Family Farm

Online ordering is not available at this time. We welcome you to visit our store, or stop by the Liberty Farmer’s Market. The Wildflower Dreamz General Store is open, Wednesday-Friday from 10am to 6pm or Saturday from 9am to 3pm. We appreciate your business.

The Barham Difference:
Local. Natural. Family.

At Barham Family Farm, we proudly offer pasture-raised beef, chicken, eggs, pork, and lamb — all without antibiotics or growth hormones. Our animals are naturally and sustainably raised without GMOs, chemicals, antibiotics, or growth hormones. We offer online ordering and weekly delivery, to help you experience and enjoy our products with convenience. We would love the opportunity to be your farm.

Barham Family Farm is conveniently located near Kearney, Missouri. We invite you to visit our farm, which has been in the family for over one hundred years! Today, three generations help to humanely raise and take care of our animals.

Our Products


Our healthy and wholesome beef features a limited, locally grown non-GMO corn, to enhance the marbling and flavor. You won’t believe your taste buds when you try our beef, dry-aged for twenty one  days — tender, juicy and great tasting! We take great pride in raising our cattle always on grass, and they are never confined to feedlots. There are a variety of ways to enjoy our beef, including by the cut, quarter, half or whole beef. Our selection of steaks will make a mouth-watering memory.


Barham chickens are raised on grass, fresh air and wholesome, locally grown non-GMO grains. We receive day-old chicks from the post office, which we brood inside for two weeks. We then move them outside to our pasture pens, pioneered by Joel Salatin. We move the pens morning and night, so they always have plenty of fresh grass. Barham Family Farm chickens have a superior, satisfying flavor. Turkeys are available for Thanksgiving.


Experience nutritious and delicious free range eggs. Our hens are housed at night for their protection, then allowed outside during the day to run, pick, scratch and enjoy free ranging.


Our pork is sold by the pound. Enjoy chops, bacon, sausage, brats, all from pork that is (like our chicken and beef) pasture-raised, antibiotic-free and hormone-free.


Pasture-raised lamb chops, ground, racks and leg are available. We also have marrow bones for making healthy broth.

Barham burgers at Conrad’s.

We’re on the Menu

We are proud to work with the finest chefs in the Kansas City area.