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Black Angus beef raised on a 100-year-old family farm in Kearney, Mo., grazing on pastures ripe with brome, fescue, foxtail, dandelion and clover. Non-GMO, no added antibiotics or added growth hormones.

Chicken, Duck, Eggs

Our poultry is raised on pasture in mobile poultry pens modeled on those used by grass farming pioneer Joe Salatin.

Pork and Lamb

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Kenny Barham provides outstanding natural and humane products, and he is super friendly as well. He is a must buy at the Liberty Farmers Market. You can visit his farm in Kearney, or eat at a number of local restaurants. Our favorite is his rotisserie duck at Brookside Poultry Co. of course! Highly recommended.
Patrick Thompson

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BFF Featured Vendors

Barham Family Farms partners with a variety of local farmers and artisan producers including Beautiful Day Farms, Lil Bill's Pimento Cheese, Hemme Bros. Creamery and Fair Share Farm Farm Ferments. We also offer our own special label products, including pickles, pasta sauce and queso.

Fair Share Farm products include sauerkraut, green kimchi and jalapeños escabeche

Fair Share Farm

Life in the Soil Means Live Cultures in a Jar

For two decades, Tom Ruggieri and Rebecca Graff have been working from the ground up to fortify the soil on their fourth-generation family farm in Kearney, Mo.

Their efforts to feed the soil using organic cover crops instead of synthetic fertilizers led to Fair Share Farm Ferments, a line of products which includes green kimchi, escabeche and sauerkraut.

“Giving your soil a diverse diet is really important You are what you eat, so you are what your plants eat,” Tom says. “The soil is the guts of the plant. It’s where are all the digesting happens, and the nutrients are absorbed by the plant.”


Fair Share Farm ferments the organic vegetables using culinary techniques drawn on traditional global foodways. The natural fermentation process only requires a little sea salt, paprika or other spices to result in a burst of natural flavor.


“We are all literally connected to the land,” Tom says. “We’re like a winery or dairy. Ninety-five percent of what is in a jar is from Missouri soil, and it comes through in the flavor.”

Established as a CSA vegetable subscription service in 2003, Fair Share Farm has transitioned to focusing exclusively on value-added products thanks to the addition of a USDA-certified, HAACP-approved onsite farm kitchen.

“I tell people it’s a kitchen without a stove,” he says.

Even with a growing interest in live culture foods, Fair Share continues to educate consumers on the advantages for human gut health. Each jar of fermented raw vegetables naturally contains live cultures in the same way yogurt does.

Fermented foods also complements Barham Family Farm’s pasture-raised meats in more way than one.

“We also rely on healthy soil to graze our pasture-raised livestock, and we’re eager to support fellow Kearney farmers who care for the soil,” says Kenny Barham. “Selling Fair Share’s Ferments at our farm store just makes sense.”

Serving suggestions:

Add sauerkraut to: hotdogs, brats, reuben sandwiches with deli peppered beef, pork tenderloin, pork ribs, pork steak, pork chops, bierocks with ground beef, stuffed cabbage rolls, add bacon bits to sauerkraut

Add escabeche to: barbecue, scrambled eggs and omelets, skirt or flank steak tacos, sauted chicken breast, roast chicken and rice

Add kimchi to: deli meat and cheese grilled sandwiches or paninis, meatballs, fried rice with an egg on top, hamburgers, brunch hash, a bulgogi beef bowl, potato dishes, roasted Brussels sprouts with bacon